Lone Detective

a.k.a Nahal

Just An Another Weeb Who Program Stuffs And Waste Time Professionally.

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Hi There!
I Am Nahal a.k.a Lone Detective.
I Am Student Who Likes To Waste Time By Watching.... Ahem!! I Mean By Building Websites And Applications. I Also Like To Tinker With Electricity (No Directly Ofc!!).
I Also Watch Anime, Read Manga,Light Novel And Visual Novel.

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Synthesized Angel

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Founder And CEO

  • Non-Profit Organization. Mainly Develops Websites And Applications

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Otaku No Ongaku

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Web Developer And Server Adminsistrator.

  • A community driven by artists and comic /anime enthusiasts who came together through our love for music and to all forms of art . This hobby brought us all together and we would love to welcome all those feeling the same hunger for more !!

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Project Manager




Started Watching Anime In Early 21s :). Started With Bleach In 2016-17 , Watched Many Due To Covid Since I Was Lazy To Do Anything Else :)

1064 Anime Watched

Manga/Manhwa/Light Novel

Started With Bleach, As I Was Curious About The Rest. Read Many Due To Covid Since I Was Lazy To Do Anything Else. Btw, I Use Tachiyomi.

708 Manga Read

Visual Novel

Started With If My Heart Had Wings, At First I thought It Was The prologue But It Never Ended.
That's How I Came To Play VNs.

106 VNs Played

Genshin Impact

I Wanted To Play This Game So Bad That I Tweaked A Unsupported Device To Be Able Play It. (Though It Caused It's Doom.)

Adventure Level 20

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